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Somewhere back in the day two people decided that they wanted a a child. After months upon months of what seemed like endless paperwork they wound up with me, the writer of this blog.

I am a student, paddler and coach. A student still because you never stop learning and I apparently have no idea what I am interested in pursuing yet. A paddler, the one that paddles forward, on flat-water in a super skinny boat and never refers to them self as a rower. A coach, because somehow I found joy and satisfaction with helping kids learn how to reach their paddling and life goals. These three core components will forever define who I am by personal choice. But there is one more component that has forever defined who I am not by choice. I am adopted.

I do not mean to make it sound like I have a third eye, or an extra limb, but sometimes people treat it that way. Actually, for most of my life I can remember being asked particularly disturbing questions about adoption. And thus the blog was born. Even as a little girl I was conflicted and confused because I had all of these questions myself and on top of that questions from everybody else! After years of facing these questions posed by both myself and the people around me I decided to quietly write to myself on this blog. And then it went public and things started to heat up. Turns out a lot of people are baffled by this topic, and I would much rather answer questions into the unknown than the known for some odd reason.


18 years later and we’re all alright.


5 thoughts on “about the blogger

  1. Lee Lovo says:

    Your Daddy met you when you were 11 months old. We had just been matched with you and he was over in SE asia on a work contract. Moo had her sisters make you that dress when you and I were still in Thailand. Your grandma gave you the dog when she met us at the airport back home. You melted into her arms. She loved you very much.

  2. Semi-Feral Mama says:

    I am loving your blog and just added you to my list of Liebster Blog Awards. I see it somehow showed up in your comments above (Don’t know how that works, hmmmm). Anyhow, if you want to read more you can find it on my blog SemiFeralMama dot wordpress dot com
    Am looking forward to following you for years to come.

  3. SydneyJoTo says:

    Orn, sweet digs! I’m a teen blogger also a few years behind you but just as aspiring to mark my name in the world. Thanks for choosing to put your story out there, because it’s a fantastic one.

  4. Mireille says:

    Since we have adopted Thai twins who are just only 10 years old now, I can learn a lot from your blog, so will be following you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, I know my girls will go through some of your experiences as well, maybe not all, but at least I have a reference point.
    Chock Dee! & Greetings from a sunny South Africa.

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