My Grand Observations from Coaching

Remember, parents of athletes, your child has to share their coach with everyone. If you are going to be a part of a team, then you have to be a team player. There are great lessons in team work and even greater lessons in self-discipline and independence. Instead of trying to schedule every second of your child’s instruction, give this a try…leave them alone. See if they spend those free moments stretching, doing drills, watching technique or racing videos alone in their room or researching scholarship and grant opportunities.

If they don’t, if you guys, or us, their coaches are the ones that make everything happen for them instead of THEM making it happen, that’s a problem. They have to want it, dream it, genuinely have a passion for it or demand the certain things needed in the creation of an athlete. They have to develop inside and they have to be nurtured by the individual. A good coach sees when an athlete is hungry and they feed the athlete at just the right time. If parents are always hovering and shoving the food down the kids throat, they will never be starving, they will never even have a chance to know they are hungry. (food=sport)

I’m not pointing fingers here, I have just had a lot of chances to observe and notice and giving unasked for advice. In the end, find a club to call home. Trust the people you pay to coach your child. Let your child be an athlete. Let the coach be a coach, as it should be.


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