If You Do What You’ve Always Done…

“If you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

This was said to us today and it hit so many chords in my body. The first day here has been absolutely amazing, to be surrounded by so many people who believe in change the way you do, but will implement it in a different way than you will, goes to show that change is not a unique story but is not for the lazy or the close-minded. I never really comprehended the enormity of this camp until now. This is not a day camp or a feel-good opportunity. We are dealing with real issues here and they are so similar yet different for each of us. It is easy to say “Yes, make a change and change the world!” Yet it is hardly ever said that most people will stand by the statement but then watch you perish and stumble around trying to make it happen. Not everyone wants change the way you do and not everybody sees it. I am listening to stories of leaders who are getting kids to play street soccer just so they might have a chance at being spotted for the big leagues, or stories of leaders pushing their own siblings to be successful in the sports instead of them. We all share these stories of selflessness and it humbles me to know that there are people out there just as crazy as I am wanting to break down the financial barriers and the demographic barriers. Not everyone who enters sport will go to the Olympics but everyone will be changed by it.

The quote above speaks so loudly to me. The moment it left the facilitators mouth I recalled every moment someone was afraid to take a chance on me. I recalled the moment someone decided to take a chance on me. It landed me the position I have now and it has given me a new lease on life and what it means to be a coach, it quite literally breathed the life back into my passion. It has made me even more wanting of a job done right and has pushed me to always give my best every day that I can.

On to Day 2.


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