The Adventure of A Lifetime Awaits

4AM and I really have no idea how this will turn out. Apologies for the many, many spelling errors you might encounter.

I woke up this morning with a stomach that felt like it was going to turn inside out, for some reason I feel more nervous about this than I thought I would. I guess the major difference is that this trip is A) a big deal and B) completely out of my comfort zone and unrelated to paddling in all ways. Normally boarding a plane to Florida entails laying my feet up on a training partner or doing multiple Tim Horton’s runs with the coach. This time I am definitely alone, sitting here, blogging. What a weird feeling. The UN Summit for Sport Development and Social Impact is all words to me, I am pretty sure I have called it a thousand different things but one thing is certain: I have no idea what is going to happen. There are only so many times I can look through photos of previous events or scour the internet for videos on the activities, but they don’t do it justice for the two weeks of what is going to happen.

When I first found out about this opportunity the unbelievable excitement flowed through my veins. That same excitement still does, rest assured, but it is now equally bursting with anxiety and a bit of bittersweet. I would be stupid to not take this opportunity up, but am so grateful that I have something that is so hard saying goodbye to. A month in Florida with my team mates still did not feel long enough but now two weeks seems like an eternity. My perception of time is maturing and oh how I have realized how awesome we have to make each day we live. I will keep writing what I experience and soak it all up. This opportunity doesn’t just happen.

Will update again soon, Tim Horton’s opened up.


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