Life is a Sport

Life is interesting. The people we meet in life ultimately can change our fate. All of those talks about being able to do whatever you set your mind to are not accurate. Much of what we do is because of other people, whether intended or not. You might be wondering why such an elusive post. I am wondering the same things too, I might not even post this actually. As of yesterday my life story became more interesting, not as interesting as those directly involved but I am a witness nonetheless. All I will say is that my 20s have been roaring. It makes me wonder if history will find its way in my life and repeat the dirty 30s. Everywhere I go I have been touched by lives that I could so quickly choose to forget about but I don’t. Every adventure, every person I meet gets permanent estate in my mind and heart. Perhaps it is because I fear letting go, even though Pinterest so avidly suggests it’s necessary. Maybe it is because I am afraid people will forget me and, I will be just other face to a name.

I saw the flip side of what it means to live today. I liked to imagine that whatever life you’re given you have a duty and responsibility to fulfill it and make it even grander than how it was presented to you. I “liked” to imagine this. Reality has set and I realize that not everyone takes that duty as their own. Some people do give up. It is what sets champions from the average, the elite from the normal. Without the comparison, a lot of us would have nothing to live for. Some people do give up. Some people come back. I can agree with Pinterest when it says that it is not the number of times you fall but how many times you get back up after your fall. This seemed so simple to me, especially as an athlete. Life is not a game, it’s a sport. It is not always about you versus the world. But life, life is a sport that knocks you down and there are no rules, instructions, equal fights, timed penalties or coaches. You could go majority of your life training wrong, you could go your whole life training right and still end up with a red flag. How many of us actually think about the penalties we set up for ourselves? How many of us spend our life trying to play on a one man team? How many of us keep getting penalties without thinking that there might be a time limit that will end our sport forever? How many of us have yelled at the referees in our lives just trying to keep us out of trouble? Life is a sport, it is meant to be continuous. Life is not a timed game with match-ups and heckling from the sidelines.

If we lived life like a sport we would realize its sacredness, it is an opportunity denied to many. If we lived life like a sport we would all be athletes of a community doing good for each other. We would be training for individual goals but collectively working for society’s outcome. We would spend less time self-loathing and more time keeping up with what is really important. In a game, somebody always loses. In a sport, everybody is winning for the right reasons. This world I am describing sounds like a fantasy, but the world I live in has played one too many games.


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