Musings from a Repeat Freshman

I am trying something new, rather than saying that I promise to update my blog more regularly (not almost a whole year later) I will just say that I am doing my best. I started blogging because I felt I had something to say and then I got over it so had nothing to say. From that point on I was kind of spinning my wheels and casually, with much half-ass’d’ness made a few posts here and there.

Well this is new. The New Ornmadee. I am the one who still plans on commenting about stupid adoption comments and who will occasionally still have random meltdowns because I feel like I do not really know much of who I am. Good for you and lucky for you too, you will get to see a glimpse more into my life. You see I think I solved a few of my adolescent problems that you might be familiar with because you have been following me with such dedication (THANK YOU!). If you are looking for the formula to perhaps help someone or maybe yourself, I will simply say I solved mine by changing my life. Literally moved away, went to school, dropped out of school, went back in and now I am here. Those of you with younger children incapable of being responsible for themselves or lacking independence but most important, common sense, do not suggest this approach with them until you are certain they will not do something stupid.

Anyways, I lectured, now let me get to it…

The last you heard of me was when I ranting about silly girls and selfies. Previous to that, I was discussing the issue with the world telling you that you can be anything that you want but being broke and poor is not a good thing but do what makes you happy but do not live under a bridge with a random guy named Steve. I might have exaggerated that. You basically got my low down on how much I disliked lectures of ethics and “How to Win Arguments” all in an attempt to become a high paying lawyer. Then you heard what I really wanted, to be a low-paid coach who works with kids with really high expectations. Because you love curve-balls so much, I will tell you what New Ornmadee would like now. I still aspire of being that low-paid coach with kids who have parents with really high expectations but I think I have found my day-time calling and I want to top it all off with being an average-paid teacher who instructs middle-school kids with dreams in their pockets and candy cigarettes in their hands. So if my previous two posts were not obvious enough, I did end up leaving Dalhousie and dropped the lectures with 150 people, half of which slept through it anyways. I moved to Mount Saint Vincent University where now I spend my time reading about childhood development, history, English, a side of Biology and Psychology. Because how much did we enjoy English and Social Studies at the age of 13? I did. I was also one of the few who did. So now I am attempting to raise that statistic one weird history tangent at a time. Also, just between you and I, teaching math or science would be reliving my Elementary and Middle school struggles day-after-day.

Maybe somewhere in my studies on childhood and family development I will be able to learn a bit more about how and why I turned out the way I am. Most people usually accept their destiny but I am one to play the same record over and over.

Hear my thoughts on my courses, will I repeat the same “Eh..maybe not” scenario this year? Or might I just be able to find the perfect sweet spot where I can read about ancient childhood practices or over-analyze “Dracula”.


A picture of “my kids”…because no matter what, coaching will always have a strong place in my heart.



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