Give it a Cry

Lately I have been making it a habit to find things on the internet that make me burst into tears. Now, I am not typically the type of person that cries at romantic movies, or sad stories but I guess this year I am getting in touch with my emotional side.

Because I enjoy depressing myself at times I decided to surf YouTube for only the greatest and best adoption videos. Please do not ask me why, I am not so sure myself. Maybe I like watching family reunions so I can re-create my own in my head, just in case I ever found my biological family and get to meet them. I must have gone through hundreds of “Gotcha Day” videos and clips, or “Sister meets sister after 40 years” type of montages. Not one particularly stood out, until the last video I watched. It took me six tries of watching it without crying. I still cry a little.

This video is about two Chinese girls (twins), they were young, they must be about ten now but at the time were about six or seven. At the time that they were adopted, they were babies but they were adopted on the same day by two separate families. One was American, the other Norwegian. While both families noticed shocking resemblances between the two, the staff there convinced them that they were not related. Of course, parents are stubborn and like to find out things anyhow so a DNA test was put in order at a later date and the two were in fact related. The video shows the adoption but also the amazing reunion of the girls. I guess this video tugged at my heart a bit because these two girls were so damn cute, and the day they were adopted, you could see the way that they looked at each other and how much they resembled each other. The exchange of glances back and forth was kind of like, “Well, this is it.” And then life went on. These two girls are shown growing up in two very different lifestyles and cultures, one speaks fluent English and the other Norwegian. One goes to school, the other…I do not really know. At the age of six they are reunited, and I cried tears of happiness-something which RARELY happens. They did not speak each others language, but they did not need to, they were sisters and you could tell that when they met it was very real and the happiness was pouring out of both of them. They were timid, but it was so real.

Chinese Twin Reunion I

Part II. The girls are clearly fond of each other, spend each hour with each other but eventually the time comes when they must both return to their respective lives. My first tears were of happiness, and part two introduced me to tears of sadness. I guess it is because I know how it feels to become emotionally attached to someone only to have them leave, but I cannot even imagine what it must be like for two little girls who have no choice in the matter and must split ways. I know that if the parents had known they would have kept them together, but they did not and that reality is what saddened me. It was like one of those stories that did not end the way you wanted it to, but in all realness it could not have ended any other way.

Chinese Twin Reunion Part II

“Gotcha day” is a special day, but I think the most amazing days are the days when bit by bit things that were once missing or taken way from you slowly find their way back. Watching these videos I guess I was happy because these two girls got to start their life’s puzzle much earlier than many others would, including myself. These two girls will always have each other now and if they so desire, will have each other to find the other pieces of their lives that are missing. Call me crazy, but I have never been so emotional about two little girls that I have never met finding happiness in each other.

It is the little things.


2 thoughts on “Give it a Cry

  1. Lee says:

    Then you come and show your mother the video. Mom cries and we both cry. One day I will get to watch you do this. And we will all cry again.

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