The Responsibilities of Adulthood

Well, in less than 6 hours the subtext of this blog will have to change! How about:

“Adopted from Thailand, broke and exploring the triumphs and failures of adulthood, a young adult writes about her experiences on life and people in general. You should read this blog, it can get desperate sometimes.”

You heard right, the big 1-8 is fast approaching and I am not ready but want to be. Already the thoughts of what I’ll have to buy to slowly engage myself into adult mode bring me to a cold sweat. What I need costs $$$ vs. what I have $. Yah, yah, I know all of you experienced adults out there are probably laughing saying I do not even know the edge to what it takes to becoming an adult. And I don’t. Besides graduating and having a job, I have never had a mortgage, paid for groceries weekly (with…my own money), owned a car or paid for gas. So the bank account which looks rather lovely money wise now, will slowly meet its end as I try to make ends meat. Ugh. That does not sound pleasing at all.

All of those years where we wished we could grow up faster, have jobs and be free are looked back on as the most naive years of my life. But everyone did that. You would think after a while generation upon generation would know better! Oh wait…they do. It’s called Generation Y: The overly coddled and helicoptered generation. Good lord, it’s begun. For years I made fun of adults and the way they talked about how “when they were younger…” and how our generation is rotten compared to theirs. But now I see why. Generations are becoming technologically smarter, and mentally dumber.

My first adult rant and outlook on life. How’d I do?


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