The Reason to Coach

That is one good looking family!Today’s ending was bittersweet. My whole summer I was incredibly blessed to have been able to work with so many amazing people and kids. They say not to cry because it is over but smile because it happened but it is so hard not to do both. Walking out of that clubhouse for the last time this year was surprisingly a bit tear-jerky! Also, as I get older I find that I become more and more of an emotional rollercoaster.

Out of the hundreds of jobs available to a seventeen year old, the one I chose often left me sucking back Advil’s or suffering major headaches. Dealing with dramas, soothing wounds, peeling back band-aids, pushing a kid to go their hardest, learning when to pull back. This job is not your typical McDonald’s shift. But even with all of these headaches, I would not have traded it in for the world.

Today, my back hurt…alot. And it has nothing to do with falling off the ladder the other day. Let’s just say I gave out more hugs than I have ever given in my whole life. I think that for a long time we all counted down the days when we could get out of that organized chaos. We counted down the days when we would not have to walk in and immediately be interrogated by kids, we counted down the days when we would not have to rescue kids from the middle of the lake. And to be honest, I still am a bit bitter about those kinds of mornings but today I had several special moments that made it seem all worth it. Like my last post, sometimes you cannot tell if you actually make a difference, because as a coach sometimes it comes down to doing what you feel needs to be done even if a kid does not want to do it. Sometimes you become the bad guy for a few minutes and those few minutes could be a kid’s whole impression about you. That challenge sometimes keeps you on your toes or restless at night. Today I had a chance however to see that all of our hard work paid off this summer. We have got kids who can stay up in boats that they could not before or kids whose personalities changed for the better-and parents who reminded you about that. The little thank-you cards and endless speeches about how much they will miss you made me realize that this job is not really a job but more of a privilege. You should feel privileged when what you do makes you happy, because in this world where happiness is not the priority we often get lost in a maze of hate and misery. I found my happy place in a group of kids, learning together, falling together but rising together afterwards. This happiness is far more meaningful than any pay cheque or medal earned, and it is the beginning of my pursuit to happy-ness.


2 thoughts on “The Reason to Coach

  1. Tricia says:

    Orn, you have left your mark on Sackawa Canoe Club. Your dedication to our Atom Girls was formidable. Learning when to push and knowing when to pull back is always a tricky call, in coaching, certainly with parenting parenting, and sometimes, even with ourselves. Sackawa is a better club for having you with us. With fondness and admiration, Tricia.

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