One Week Countdown

We may look a little small, but don't let that fool you all!!!After an amazing summer of working with awesome kids and just as equally incredible coworkers, the final week of programming is drawing near. I cannot say that this summer came without challenges and to be honest, for much of the first month I was under the impression that I was constantly doing something wrong. That is what this job is though sometimes, never knowing if your efforts were worth it or never actually sure if the kids genuinely enjoy and appreciate your guidance. Sometimes you are just ‘there’, caregiver by day and a nobody by night. To some people you are their everything, their key to overcoming their fears, but usually you will never actually know. My summer sister and I were talking about this and wondered, what do we look like in the eyes of a ten year old? Everytime we yell or are stern, what exactly is going through their head at that moment?

This summer was definitely worth it, and I can only hope that I get this opportunity next summer (I am already brainstorming changeroom reno designs anyways!). Coming here I was aware that I had big shoes to fill, and I pleased some and maybe didn’t please others but I truly have no regrets about how I ran things. Kids learned to paddle, kids gained friendships and the group accomplished what we had set out to accomplish from day 1. Everything else is optional. In the eyes of a kid, I bet some days I seemed liked the meanest, toughest person ever but I can live with that only because I know that they know that they are going to go far and mean well. All worth it.

I believe that this club is going places. From the outside looking in what it will take is the right group of young people who will strive to stick together through crap, who will demand only the best of what their club can offer and who themselves take initiative in improving the club’s environment that will make this club shine. This summer, I think I met that group of young people. To be able to support this group of young people through all of their stages of development (from atom to adult) means to think outside of the box, and knowing these kids, they will do it. And eventually they will win. Both in medals and in club development.
Here’s to an amazing summer, and one more week to go! Go Sackawa!!!


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