A Proud Moment

It has been a while but I thought I should let you know how things have been going in this relaxing province. This Sunday the club hosted a race for all Atom aged athletes. Hundreds of little ones stormed through the property all day racing hard and winning ribbons! As a first-time coach of this particular event I can honestly say that it was the most exhausting but rewarding day ever.

I am so proud to say that my Atom girls War Canoe (a boat of 14 people + 1 coxwain) won themselves a first-place finish, by a whole boat length. These girls made me experience my first “proud coach moment”. What a team of incredible athletes!

When I first told myself how badly I wanted this position, I seldom thought of the challenges I would face with coaching an exuberantly different amount of athletes compared to back at home in Calgary. But despite these challenges, watching these girls cross the finish line and turn around and give me the biggest smiles and cheers I have ever seen made me know that I made the right decision and this was only the beginning. Sackawa strikes again!

Sackawa atom girls cross the finish line and begin celebrations. Coach at back still shocked at the results! But so proud!


2 thoughts on “A Proud Moment

  1. Joan Killick says:

    Congratulations, Ornmadee! What a great photo. It sounds like you are having a great time this summer. What a great experience. Enjoy every minute!
    Ms K.

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