Work hard. Stay humble.

Alright, I officially have a new found level of overall respect for the elementary school teacher. The first day of programming as a coach in Nova Scotia has me dying for my bed in the evening.

On Tuesday morning I met all of the kids I would be coaching for the whole summer. Driving into the club parking lot was a bit like driving into some sort of horror movie (in all comedicness of course!). Imagine, 8:00am driving into a parking lot where you can hear lord knows how many kids screaming. Cue Jaws music. The chaos did not stop. I had originally been given 24 kids and today, the number is 33. I guess we are doing something right if they keep coming in! The past few days have been full of blood, sweat and tears from both myself and the kids.

At the end of each day I am exhausted and spent, but I am grateful. I miss my little kids in Calgary’s canoe club for sure and I miss the non-chaotic environment, but I went to Nova Scoria to coach twice as many kids because I knew it would not be easy. It’s the little things that happen during the day that make it worthwhile. It’s getting to hear 33 kids laugh because they are getting soaked with water. It’s the amazing group of coaches we have this year. For me, as hard as it has been, it is what I love to do. I love my job.


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