The Meaning of Family

Happy Canada Day! I hope you all have your sparklers and flags and other red and white paraphernalia to ring in Canada’s birthday! Now that I have been here for a few days I thought I would fill you in!

I am coaching atom girls, which means girls between the ages of 8 to 10 and I also have two junior coaches. The past week none of the kids have been there but we have been doing some club maintenance. I tackled the change rooms along with one of the juniors. Remind me never to allow a bunch of little girls to help. Now, the first day the room looked relatively swell! We had cute inspirational quotes and riddles and other fun stuff. The boys change room has Brotips! But, in an attempt to keep everyone busy I allowed a few of the girls who were kicking around at the club to paint their own section. This section eventually turned into the whole change room. Oh god. Hand prints and paint spittles later I was glad that we were home reno illiterate enough that we used water-based paint so it came off easily. Tune in next week for “Orn takes on the actual job”.

While staying here I am having the experience of understanding what it is like to have a sister. Now, I have friends who are like siblings too but this is the real deal. We’re both the only child from our house and now we are sharing living spaces. But while I think this will be a learning experience I cannot think but how lucky I am to have a family here who treats me like their own. And it would be the same if my adopted sister stayed in Calgary.

I have always said that home is where the heart is, but I think it is also equally appropriate to say that home is where family is, and family I do have here. Though we are not related by blood, who said we needed to be. Ha! My whole life has been exactly that!


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