A person travels the world over in search of what they need and returns home to find it.

Howdy! How do you like the new summer make-over? Yes, I do have theme ADD and with the changing of the seasons (school’s out!) it was only necessary πŸ™‚

Well, for those of you who have never been to Calgary’s Thai Association picnic you are missing out. Forget the frilly red and white checkered picnic mats or the fruit leathers. This is an experience that takes someone right back to the depths of Thailand. And by depths, it goes far beyond…Pad Thai…

The weather in Calgary has been quite depressive lately, no sun just clouds and rain. But it is warm out?! The picnic usually takes place in some Calgary park picnic site and this year it was right by-the Glenmore Reservoir! When I was younger I guarantee you that I enjoyed Thai picnics just as much as the Songkran festival. It is often a low key event with minimal need to be embarassed by your parents. And there is always someone there that you can chill out with! I looked forward to this Thai picnic particularly because I am needing closure in a lot of areas. With graduating school and moving up in the world I guess I am just looking for comfort in areas that I originally had never intended to pursue. Hence, the importance of never stop immersing in your culture. Of course, how you do it will greatly impact your feelings about it.

Yes, one can go overboard. For example trimming one’s hedge to match the theme of your child’s native-land or repetitively blasting “It’s A Small World” in the car could cause a kid to lose their marbles. But I am fortunate to have been allowed the opportunity to accept or decline my involvement in my culture. For example in my life I found that though attending functions were boring at first, I gravitated more to them and appreciated them more as I got older. It is just the way it is. I guarantee you any adolescent, whether they are adopted or not, will manage to find boredom in some aspect of their life and complain about it. During this time it was helpful that my parents acknowledged my opinion but they themselves attended the events regardless of it. It showed they had interest in my culture regardless of my current mental state which fluctuated each hour. This definitely helped as I got older because I felt like even though I had not been in attendance for a few years, we still belonged because of my parents. It made the transition easier.

So this Thai picnic was scheduled for 11AM but being “Thai” time no one showed up until 11:30PM-12PM. Including us, my mother has finally learned the graces of Thai time! It was a small gathering but the right amount of people showed up to make it enjoyable. It is amazing what gems you may find your own backyard, and the Thai Association has always been there this whole time!




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