Awaken Blog, awaken

I have been neglecting the blog lately so I can graduate. And graduate I did! It is official, yesterday I walked the stage and received the little special piece of paper that said I’m done! High school. Done high school.

I wanted to share with you a special something I made for my parents late yesterday (and well into this morning) to thank them for everything that they have done. I have been a pain in the a$$ for some time now, of course, most teenagers are. And while some parents might resort to grounding or taking away cellphones I have usually only gotten a stern talking that leaves me feeling guilty for hours later (more effective). I have spent their money, and not shared any of mine, made them drive me around to friends houses and to training. At the end of each day usually I am not thinking about how happy I should be, usually I am thinking of the next great distress that will require their assistance to solve. My father for the last 16 years has been adamant at going over mathematics and science with me to help me with it. And while I was reluctant when I was younger, I honestly cannot thank him enough for helping me in Grade 12! My mother taught me all the social graces. I was a SHY kid, and by shy, I mean I did not hang around kids my age ever! I only hung around adults. I did not like children. Years of pushing me into volunteer programs for day camps (eventually becoming a day camp leader for a time), and volunteering for the community and the world, I have the skills to write a meaningful email, the skills to discuss matters with individuals and the ability to be stubborn. 16 years laters, I have an amazing job that to some might be tedious and meaningless but to me, coaching has been my one and only that has made me feel humbled and fulfilled by each day and proud of my little ones! My athletes-just to be clear.

When I walked the stage yesterday, to be honest the only thing I could think about was not slipping on those damn heels! And then of course I went and hugged my TA that I have had for the last three years and it started to sink in. Our valedictorian emphasized this well, we were not done, we were just beginning and while each valedictorian follows along this same idea and while we have all heard valedictorian speeches before, this was real to me. Because it was happening to US. I see now why graduates cry. Or don’t. It is the realization that we are done this journey but it is right onto the next, only this time our journey is guided by our own footsteps.

Almost 16 years ago (July 8), I arrived at the Calgary airport in my mother’s arms. In 1999 I graduated from Kindergarten, in 2008 my health was in ups and downs, in 2010 I became unsure of my purpose and found myself depressed for a few years, in 2012 I had a life bump that had me unsure of what I was doing, how I was doing it or even if I wanted to do it. And yesterday, I graduated. All the ups and downs were worth it.

Thank you to all the parents who help their kids graduate each year. We made it out okay, and will continue to lead by your example.

Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stonger until you have accomplished a purpose -not the one you began with perhaps, but one you’ll be glad to remember.~ A. Sullivan

If you would like to see my brief career as a go-go dancer, a soccer player and many of my other early hobbies click the link below and/or copy into your address bar πŸ™‚

On to the next great adventure, Nova Scotia t-minus 3 DAYS! Happy Friday everyone.




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