I’m Free and Dreaming Big

My intellectual spark has been ignited again! Today I officially finished my last day in High School, I wrote my last High School exam, cleaned out the good ol’ locker that I have kept tidy (not) for the last three years and checked out of TA for the last time. My TA, I am so grateful to have had her for my High School years, just when I had completely given up on myself, leave it to her to remind me that I just have to “keep plugging away”.

A while ago the world was englightened by my confused state of teenagehood where I was in a slump of unsuredness..(is that even a word?!?) but I regained my balance again and am ready to take on the challenges of growing up. I recently looked into Film and TV production in University, WHOA..where did that come from? It turns out my whole life I had a passion for it, but of course I never pursued it because it was just something I did for fun. I realize that this goal might change within the year, but for now it really is the only thing that I can passionately say I am interested in. Yes, it is a hard industry to work for, but I almost think I would rather have that challenge than the mainstream life of job security. I might eat potatoes and bread for a while, but just you see, life will sort it self out eventually.

A question to the wise, is life really as hard as how they make it to be in school? Or is it all about finding a perspective and living with it?


3 thoughts on “I’m Free and Dreaming Big

  1. polwygle says:

    I do not know that I am qualified to answer your question, but I believe the answer is both. Life can be hard, but you need to make the most of it (which is your second question). I recommend that you apply yourself at college for the next four years to finish your degree.

    Amazing things will happen to you in life! Disappointing things, too. However, the culmination of these things is what makes life interesting. Enjoy every single moment!

    PS I think the word you are looking for is unsureness. Same word, just minus the dee.

  2. kate says:

    Life is exactly what you make it….with some unforeseeable incredible highs and devastating lows thrown in for good measure. Life’s joys come from people and experiences, not stuff. My grandmother used to say “you don’t own your things, they own you”. She was completely right – belongings, stuff, things, in the end, mean very little, but cost a great deal (time better spent with loved ones, money, maintenance, etc). Following a passion rather than the money (there are soooo many people who pursue a career to earn the most they can, without ever considering the toll on their spirits) will stand you in good stead. Good luck on your next adventure!

  3. Charlotte says:

    University is all about starting with one goal and ending with a totally different one. Register, take a bunch of classes in areas you think you’re interested in, and a path will find you. I think people like to exaggerate how difficult life can be. As the above poster said, there will be incredible highs and devastating lows, and most of it will fall in the middle. I think one of the most important things to realize is that the lows will pass if you give them time, and everything looks better with a bit of perspective. Relationships will end, things won’t go your way, but in the end you’ll usually realize you’re glad things happened the way they did. You’re at such an exciting time in your life, and it can be really stressful. In ten years you’ll look back and laugh about the stress, though.

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