Good morning!

After about five days of laying low in the arms of Mickey Mouse and California Adventure Park, I am glad to be home-mostly because I  have a whole long weekend ahead of me to get ahead in Chemistry so I can graduate that much sooner.

Well, a little insight on what we did; we spent three days wandering around Walt Disney’s dream land. While some may judge and consider it infantile, if you have been low for three months a little “happy place” is plenty enough to bring your spirits back up. Though hot, and gruelling, feet aching with blisters, those three days were incredibly glorious. We had one day of travel for the whole trip and one day to explore around California in a rental car. I have a friend who, every time we visit the US for a trip, reminds me that she would love to live there. Up until now all I had to say was, why? Why would you want to live there? I guess it took this trip to realize why.

I have two places I have always wanted to visit in the United States: Hollywood Hills and New York City. This trip, we proudly checked off Hollywood Hills. For those of you who live in the US, you are probably shaking your head going, “Hollywood? Seriously?” My whole life I have seen movies that showcase the famous Hollywood sign, and each time we fly over California I see it (though in a minuscule dose) so for me, it is dreamy. Like New York City.  Visiting Hollywood and strolling Hollywood boulevard was not just a dream come true but an eye-opener as well. Though Hollywood may showcase some stars, I was shocked at the incredible divide between rich and poor. One moment you are viewing Beverly Hills gigantic estates fit for royalty, and the next a homeless man is crouched against an abandoned building. So Hollywood isn’t all that the movies say it is. But I am grateful for being given the chance to see this City of Angels anyhow.

I guess I am in state of restlessness, so any place but here (Calgary) would do me wonders. If I could somehow make a living in Florida or somewhere warm, I totally would. I miss the heat! If only moving there were easier…


One thought on “Hollywood

  1. Polly says:

    We have just returned from Disney Florida, and whilst me and my partner were ambivalent, “doing it for the kids” we had the best time ever – it really was incredible, and I’m glad it gave you that boost. Ditto the warm weather too …. each time we return, either from Asia, or this time, from Florida …. ugh the weather in England is such a downer. IFONLY moving was easier …. Loving reading your blog. Polly

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