Back Bends

It is the first full day back from almost 5 weeks away in Florida-away from my parents. I had a lot of time to reflect on things and re-evaluate commitments. And while most of my problems and issues are finding their answers, I am continuously being sorrowed by my physical well-being. I have been very active in sports since a very young age but the past few years has made me more aware of how much the body can take, and most importantly, how much my mind can take and react to my body’s actions. This evening, I tried to do a back-bridge. Something that came easy to me a year ago. I am only seventeen and I quiver and shake at the movement. I am an athlete, but my strength is useless with a back that is crippled and a shoulder that is bummed. Let me fill you in.

A little insight for you to understand my predicament: Somewhere in my athletic journey my body decided to directly tell me that I was pushing myself too hard. Along with that my mind decided to tell me that I should push even harder. Bam. October 2010: Injured knee. A surgery later I was back on the band-wagon with training. That year past and everything was going smoothly. February 2011: Injured back. With a week-long intensive technical camp almost at an end it was physiotherapy appointments and weekly consultations with the sport medicine doctor that would pull me through the four-week long haul. Second week of the camp, bam. Out again, my back couldn’t take it anymore. The spring and summer would prove to be relatively OK, with little distractions from injuries. October 2011: Bam. It was the back again. Physiotherapy. This spring, 2012, I had a very successful training camp, minus the last week where I was out because of a long-time coming shoulder injury. I am seventeen. What is wrong with me?

My dismay comes when I think about the fact that I keep hurting myself and that no matter how much physio I do I still end up injuring myself. My desire to be fit and healthy gets harder and harder. I used to be able to do these crazy yoga positions with ease, hand-stands and back-bridges, I loved the thrill of performing these movements! Get me to touch my toes now, I dare you. While my frustration is becoming evident to those around me, I am attempting to rekindle my old skills that are less vigorous on the body (I think). Yoga. Alright, I just said I can no longer do the crazy Ashtanga stuff, but I’m going to try to get back on that bandwagon starting with touching my toes. If I can’t paddle a lot anymore because of my back and shoulder, I might as well try flexibility. And I hear yoga is good for the soul, I could use that right now. I am only seventeen, not quite an old person yet. You can still teach me new tricks.


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