How Much is that Kid in the Window?

Alright, time to be absolutely ridiculous. Who on this planet thinks it is right to pay for a child to join a family? Like adopting a kitten from the SPCA? For many, it only makes sense. If you are willing to pay ridiculous prices you must REALLY want a child. How much does it cost to ummm…not adopt, like naturally…or as Sheldon Cooper would put it, via coitus? Again, what a stupid question to ask! Why would you ask that? If you are not supposed to ask how much it costs to conceive naturally (how much per kid), why would you ask how much it costs to adopt a kid? Well, fortunately for those who are a bit confused as to whether or not you pay a price for a kid, I will answer that for you. I will also answer if I was paid for, because I have been asked that far too many times.

For starters, I will tell you that there are places that ask for money for children. It is a disgusting trend, they often con desperate parents into paying ridiculous fees, supposedly claiming that the money will be put towards the child’s care. It never does. I was lucky to not come from a corrupt country, and instead be loved all throughout my infancy and cared for by amazing nurses and be matched with a loving home (Mom, are you reading this? 🙂

My adoption process was as such that I, myself, did not have a head price (like, if you would like to adopt a girl that will cost you $23.99, would you like a bag with that? That will be an extra 5 cents please). No, I did not have a head price. The adoption PROCESS however did have costs, firstly, my prospective parents lived in Canada while I lived in the warmth and comfort of the Thai sun. They would have to pay for their airplane tickets to see me. Next came the screening process which included home visits/studies (to make sure I would not be living with ne’er-do wells) and family studies (to make sure that at least 3/4’s of my future family were not completely insane). Several other costs included government documents, copies upon copies of paper-work (apparently adoption pays no attention to tree-hugging), and living expenses while in Thailand (but it doesn’t cost much considering it is a Third-World country).

Does this answer many of your questions? If you are considering adoption and are told that a certain child comes with certain fees, go somewhere else. You should NEVER pay for human being ever. Supporting practices like this will only allow it to be continued.

There you go, personally I did not come with a price. My parents were asked however if they would like a light-skinned, medium-skinned or dark-skinned child though…They chose medium-skinned, they knew that medium-skinned children would be the most versatile when it came to condiments and various types of bread buns. Ha.Ha.


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