I am Canadian-EH! Sawasdee-kha


Equivalent to a Canadian “eh” with a wave, one will often see tourists floating about Thailand bending over with stiff hamstrings and hands glued together greeting every passerby. They will do it to children, people their age, and I have even witnessed some greeting animals in this form.

Woman to dog: “Sawasdee-Kha,my name is Sonia, what is your name?”

Dog: ….

FYI to those who are unfamiliar with this Thai greeting; it is only necessary to bow to one who is a) highly respected and b) older than you.

And that was my first five cents for you. Use it wisely.

Now to the true purpose of my blog: To tell the truth about adoption, and to tell my take on the subject.

Please read the “About” page for my adoption story. Read the blog for my entries on my opinions and questions I have been asked about my adoption.

Th journey from Thailand to Canada was not a cake-walk. Its paper work did equate to that of child-birth, complete with pains and emotional havoc. Back in the day when USB sticks were rare and floppy disks were only used my top-notch companies, the printing of hundreds and hundreds of paper was necessary to complete an adoption. And each of those hundreds of papers had to be saved, how many papers does a biological child receive? Papers included family history of the potential adopters, references from close friends to family, medical history of the parents, resumes, income records, criminal history, experience with children, how well the extended family interacted with children, etc. An inconsistency or anything that did not look right could literally end the whole process.

Does anybody else find it odd that parents who have children biologically do not get screened before having their child? Is it right that their children’s well-being is not monitored after they are born? Unless of courses it is blatantly obvious that mistreatment it going on, and even then it is hard to get a social worker to check it out.

Regardless of whether a child is born into a family or adopted,  a child is a child, and they deserve parents who can take care of them and give them their life’s necessities. Having a child biologically does not automatically qualify one to be a fit parent.  It is discriminating, to the child.

The first crack in the system.


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